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SHRI RAMDEV MARRIAGE BUREAU also known as “SRMB” was established in the year 2005 after the name of our kulguru “Shri Ramdev Baba, Runichey Wale, located at Pokhran (Rajasthan)” with main office at Kamla Nagar, Delhi.

We have always been very emotional and careful while dealing with Members of SRMB, as we understand that Marriage is a very precious and important commitment. It is a union of not only two individuals, but also of two families. Marriage offers personal, emotional and economical stability to a person. Hence, every person strives to maintain the marital relationship. However, merely living together does not qualify as a successful marriage. A successful marriage means commitment, care, tolerance of each other's differences, and respect for one another. It is the responsibility of both partners to make efforts towards keeping their marital relation healthy and happy.

One can crack several jokes and pranks on MARRIAGES, but we are sure that everyone also agrees to the fact that Marriage is the holy union of two people, recognized by law, that binds them in a life-long companionship. Sharing the rest of your life with someone is a beautiful experience. But, like every relationship, a marriage must find constant inspiration to grow and get stronger.

Therefore when you visit us, we strongly follow our phrase “Ram Milaye Jodi, Koshish Hamari Saath Appka!”, as we strongly believe that our efforts shall only generate with blessings of the almighty GOD and also specially with your support.